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People use notebook PC for performance, large display, slimness, lightness, and portability as their basic expectation. Note, however, that most 15.6-inch notebook PCs are good for the wide screen but not for portability due to heaviness. Thus, it leads people to carry on 13-inch or below products for portability despite of the smaller screen. Therefore, we designed the product with 15.6-inch of wider screen and slimness under 1 kg to meet the goal of eliminating this difficulty. LG Gram 15 is a 15.6-inch ultra-portable laptop that has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the lightest laptop in the world weighing less than 1 kg (980 g). It was hard to carry the original wide screen on due to heaviness. However, everyone can bring it, 15Z960, which is lighter than the compact ultrabook without burdens. The webcam is moved near the hinge to implement a narrow bezel on the display and make it highly immersive. This also allowed us to create the smallest laptop available. In short, the LG Gram 15 is an ultimate, ultra-portable notebook that features a clean exterior and is lightweight; it also boasts of powerful performance and short boot-up time of less than 5 seconds.

그램 15는 15.6인치 울트라북으로서 1kg under(980g)의 가장 가벼운 무게로 제작되어 세계에서 가장 가벼운 노트북으로 기네스 북에 등재 되었다. 기존 큰 화면의 노트북은 무거워서 가지고 다니기 힘들었으나, 15Z960은 소형 울트라북의 무게보다도 가벼워서 누구나 부담 없이 가지고 다닐 수 있다. 전면 웹캠을 힌지쪽에 배치하여 화면부는 Narrow bezel을 구현하여 화면 몰입감을 극대화 하였다. 이로 인하여 크기 또한 가장 작은 노트북을 만들 수 있었다. 그램 15는 강력한 퍼포먼스와 5초대의 빠른 부팅 속도는 물론이고 클린한 외관에 가벼운 무게까지 겸비한 울트라 북이다.

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