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Gaming Monitor UX Design


This product is the first game-specific monitor developed by the company to target the fast rising game market. Clear pain points and needs were identified through in-depth analysis of the market and users, and the product was developed in such a way that it would clearly differentiate itself from existing gaming monitors offered by competitors. 1. Product identity that is in unity with product design and a unique, high-quality GUI concept that is specific to gaming characteristics 2. New UX design that meets gamer needs and differentiates itself from other existing product groups (dashboard and shortcut keys concept)

모니터를 게임용으로 사용하는 사용자들을 위한 게임모니터가 제작되어 원형 컨셉으로 만들어진 제품 특징(PUI)에서 GUI 디자인 컨셉을 착안함. 원형 모양의 Design shape을 이용하여 색상 및 전체적인 Look&feel 을 게임에 포커스하여 디자인 함. 1. 제품 디자인과 일체화된 identity 전달 및 game 전용 기기라는 제품 특성에 맞는 unique한 고품질의 ‘arena’ GUI 2. gamer의 needs를 충족시키는, 기존 제품군과 차별화되는 신규 UX design. (dash board 및 단축키 컨셉 구현).

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